FIFA 22 and NHL 22 Removing Russian Teams in Support of Ukraine

The sanctions against Russia are starting to take shape in the video game industry. Electronic Arts has just made a rather radical decision for its sports simulations.

While several studios have openly mobilized against the war in Ukraine, it is now the turn of publishers to apply symbolic measures. This is what EA will do in the next few days with its sports games. Indeed, the American firm will simply remove all its content related to Russia.

In its press release, Electronic Arts explains that in partnership with the soccer federations (FIFA and UEFA), the Russian national team and all Russian clubs will soon be removed from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online. But virtual soccer is not the only sport concerned, since the field hockey simulation NHL 22 will suffer the same fate. This time the Russian and Belarusian teams will disappear.

These choices are quite logical since they also apply to reality. Russia has been automatically disqualified from the next soccer World Cup. The international field hockey federation has also excluded it and Belarus from its competitions.

Source: IGN

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