Back 4 Blood’s first major DLC is revealed as it hits 10 million players

In October 2021, a few years after the release of Evolve, the developers at Turtle Rock have returned with Back 4 Blood, a new license in the tradition of the franchise that made their reputation, Left 4 Dead. Rather discreet in the news for many weeks, the studio’s teams took advantage of a very nice announcement about the game to talk about upcoming content.

As announced last November, the roadmap of 2022 in terms of extensions will begin with the deployment of “Tunnels of Terror” during the next few weeks.

Just because the developers of Back 4 Blood aren’t in the news doesn’t mean they aren’t cooking up some great new stuff for Left 4 Dead’s spiritual son. Although: not so long ago, Tencent announced a new acquisition by buying the development studio, which nevertheless retains certain independence.

Relatively absent from the news, the game returns to the forefront through an announcement flattering to the work of the teams: Back 4 Blood has been played by over 10 million players. The revelation of this great score was accompanied by a flurry of information about the first DLC that will arrive on April 12.

With “Tunnels of Terror“, Turtle Rock Studios intends to improve the various segments of its game. Although a single-player campaign was introduced in December, the game’s interest lies in its co-op mode, which will host a new PvE activity called “Ridden Hives“, as well as new Cleaners and new forms of Infected.

Sharice and Heng join the roster of characters who will also get new weapons and skins, and will have to be brave to explore the seven distinct dungeons in the labyrinthine depths of Evansburgh promised by this DLC.

Note that all players can access the expansion content if one of the players in the group owns the DLC, and a free update, adding a difficulty level, will accompany the launch of “Tunnels of Terror” on April 12.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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