A new Elden Ring PC mod lets players pause the game

Expected like the messiah by the most fervent admirers of FromSoftware productions, Elden Ring is finally available and turns out to be the masterpiece so hoped for. However, even if it is considered as one of the best games of all time, the Souls-like game had a few problems on PC, which have been patched or rectified through different mods since then.

In addition to these mods that enhance the game experience, players are increasingly thinking about adding small features, like TechieW’s simple project that allows you to pause the game.

Those who have already got their hands on FromSoftware’s creations, or even those who have just heard about them, know how grueling and difficult the studio’s games can be. Elden Ring is no exception to the rule, with an adventure that can sometimes put players’ nerves on edge: that’s precisely why the “Pause the Game” mod was created.

Elden Ring, like any good Souls-like game, doesn’t have any features that allow you to pause the game, which reinforces the feeling of being under pressure all the time during game sessions and other tough fights. However, thanks to the work of TechieW, it is now possible to recover by freezing the game.

On the Nexus Mods page, the creator explains that once the mod is installed, you just have to press the “P” key on the keyboard to give yourself a few seconds of respite. However, it is impossible to use this mode when playing online due to the activation of Elden Ring’s anti-cheat software.

Therefore, to use this mod you need to disable the Anti-cheat. For this, TechieW has thought of everything by adding a small tutorial to the description of his project to remove and restore the anti-cheat.

Source: Nexus Mods

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