This mod unlocks Elden Ring’s 60 fps cap at your own risk

Less than a week after its release and waiting for an official patch, Elden Ring can already count on modders to improve the PC version… but this comes at a price.

© FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

During the first days, the Steam page of FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG recorded a wave of negative reviews due to big problems on this version.

You may be one of the unfortunate ones who have encountered some difficulties playing on the PC version of Elden Ring. A number of Shatterless have reported aberrations on this platform, even with very solid configurations. These include a 60 fps cap, unchangeable FOV, lack of support for ultrawide screens, and untimely crashes and freezes.

Shortly after the release of the game, the modder Uberhalit has scaffolded a mod downloadable on Github. It allows to unlock the 60 fps and the FOV, but also to run the game on ultrawide screens. This is done through a specially dedicated launcher, which comes with some bonuses, like the possibility to not lose your precious runes after a death (a welcome but not essential help, considering the fact that a farm route allows you to get them very easily and quickly).

However, all these benefits come at a price that some may not be willing to pay. First of all, using a special launcher necessarily puts the game in offline mode. Secondly, since it contains bonuses that can be considered as cheating, the risk of having your copy banned by using this mod cannot be excluded.

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