Horizon Forbidden West All Machine Locations

There are a total of 43 machines in Horizon Forbidden West. Some of them are from the first episode, others are new.

You have to find and scan all the machines for the trophies in the game, you also have to kill a lot of them.

Use the guide below to find them all.

There are two missing machines! Specter and Specter Prime only appear in the main missions. In particular the last mission n°17: Singularity. Don’t forget to scan them to get all the machines.

All other machines can be found in the open world, even after the end of the story. There are many variants for the machines (gel, fire, acid, …). You don’t need to scan/kill every variant, only one is enough for the notebook and the trophies.

List and locations of all Horizon Forbidden West machines

The guide follows the list of the notebook available in the game, line by line. If you already have a machine, you can move to the next one.

You can follow the machines you have already destroyed in Notebook > Statistics > Machines Killed.

If the machine is not present in the list, it means that you never killed it. Otherwise, it will be there, with a number.

  1. Grazer
  2. Burrower
  3. Scrounger
  4. Leaplasher
  5. Scrapper
  6. Spikesnout
  7. Skydrifter
  8. Plowhorn
  9. Charger
  10. Lancehorn
  11. Longleg
  12. Bristleback
  13. Fanghorn
  14. Redeye Watcher
  15. Widemaw
  16. Clawstrider
  17. Corruptor
  18. Bellowback
  19. Glinthawk
  20. Shell-Walker
  21. Stalker
  22. Grimhorn
  23. Ravager
  24. Snapmaw
  25. Sunwing
  26. Clamberjaw
  27. Rollerback
  28. Rockbreaker
  29. Behemoth
  30. Dreadwing
  31. Tideripper
  32. Shellsnapper
  33. Stormbird
  34. Thunderjaw
  35. Frostclaw
  36. Scorcher
  37. Slitherfang
  38. Tremortusk
  39. Fireclaw
  40. Slaughterspine
  41. Tallneck
  42. Specter
  43. Specter Prime

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