Game Pass PC: Newest Installation and Game Management features are available

Two months after its official induction, the PC version of Game Pass welcomes some long-awaited features.

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The addition of these features was presented as part of the announcement of a new influx of games to Microsoft’s service for March.

Since its arrival on the video game scene, Game Pass on the PC has proved tricky to approach. The imposed creation of an inaccessible game installation folder, which is very difficult to remove from the hard drive, has made more than one user cringe.

Better late than never, since an update deployed today finally corrects these major defects. It is now possible to select a folder to install the games of the service, and thus to access it much more easily to make repairs or uninstallations. Similarly, the much-requested support for mods is finally coming to Game Pass PC, provided that the original games have such support, of course.

To take advantage of these long-awaited features, it is necessary to install the latest update of the Xbox App. To do this, go to the Microsoft Store, then to your Library and select “Update” next to the Xbox app. Note that games that are already installed will not need to be reinstalled after the update. The management of their installation folder will be done on the Game Pass PC application, by activating the “Manage” feature.

Source: Xbox

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