Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is officially live today

Five years after its second expansion, the excellent subscription-free MMO Guild Wars 2 finally welcomes its third expansion via a launch trailer.

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Called End of Dragons, this new adventure will take us to the mysterious lands of Cantha and will involve, we’ll give you that, rubbing shoulders with the legendary creatures that are dragons.

First discovered in Guild Wars: Factions in 2006, the land of Cantha will finally be given a more in-depth look thanks to the third expansion for Guild Wars 2. A lush, multicultural land with a strong Chinese folklore influence and a cyberpunk vibe is finally opening its doors.

Cantha owes its incredible technological advance over the rest of the world to a previously inexhaustible supply of magical energy from draconic jade. But the mythical creatures that revolutionized this land are dying, while this engineering marvel is the object of dark covetousness.

In addition to a new world with four new zones, End of Dragons will also introduce a new set of characters and enemies to encounter, a new mount that turtle fans will appreciate, and a new elite specialization for each class. Fans who have been with this flagship MMO license for 16 years and new adventurers alike will have a lot to look forward to with this third expansion for the second non-subscription game.

End of Dragons is now available on PC for $ 29.99. Deluxe and Ultimate editions are also available for $54.99 and $79.99 respectively. The Deluxe version will offer an additional character slot and an identity repair kit, and the Ultimate version will offer 4,000 gems, the in-game currency, in addition to the Deluxe Edition items.

Source: Guild Wars 2

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