Elden Ring: The best way to farm runes and level up fast

Just released, Elden Ring is already the subject of tips and tricks to level up very quickly in order to make the Inland less intimidating.

The YouTubers TagBackTV has indeed made a video presenting an extremely simple method to farm runes, the game’s currency, with a minimum of effort, and this from the beginning of your game.

How to get to the farm site?

If you want to level up very quickly and easily to better enjoy FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG, the video above and our step-by-step guide here should help you do just that.

To get to the farm where you can easily obtain 1952 runes in a loop (585,600 Runes Per Hour), here are the steps to follow. First of all, not far from the starting point, you’ll find the Church of Elleh, where you can increase your weapons to level 3 with Forge Stones (1), which should help you a lot in the first zone.

From there, head north until you find the site of grace called Agheel North of Lake. There you will meet the person who will allow you to level up and get the precious Tempest mount. We advise you to do the whole trip preferably during the day.

Once you have obtained your trusty steed, follow the road east until you find the site of grace called Third Church of Marika. Here you will find two extremely important things: a Tear of Life to increase the quality of your vials, and also the very useful Vial of Miraculous Salvation.

Then head to the small body of water a few steps north of the church, where you will find a teleporter that will take you to an area far away.

You’ll arrive in an area you’re not supposed to visit so early in the game, more precisely at the Bestial Sanctuary. This place will allow you later on to obtain a seal of incantation, in exchange for Deadly Ones obtained from undead bosses. In this case, head south. On the way, you will find a very precious Golden Seed, which will improve the capacity of your vials.

You will eventually come to a bridge occupied by a dragon, with another site of grace. For obvious reasons, avoid this bridge and head east. You will eventually find a second, smaller bridge below. The path to this one is full of vicious creatures and poisonous traps. Don’t worry if you find yourself in a bad way, there is another site of grace at the end of the bridge, where you can rest.

How to exploit the farm site?

You have finally arrived at your destination! To start the rune machine, go down the road to the west. You should find many messages and bloodstains indicating the famous farm location.

Keep going down this road, and a huge ball and chain visibly summoned by magic will appear. You will have to ride the ball towards the cliff, so that it falls down and crushes the enemies who were living there. By doing so, you will obtain 1952 runes without doing much of anything.

Once this is done, go back to the just unlocked site of grace to rest, and repeat the procedure until you run out of steam to climb up the levels very quickly and easily. This method will require a little practice so that the cannonball falls exactly where it is supposed to, and you should of course avoid being hit by it, or you could die instantly.

Thanks to this magical ball and chain, your stay in the Interlands should go much more smoothly, even if the first hour goes through a rather tedious stage. Good luck in your race for the title of Lord of Elden, Shatterless!

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