Switch Online fixes Zelda: Ocarina of Time Water Temple

At the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscription, many players came to criticize the Japanese manufacturer about the quality of emulation of some Nintendo 64 games. Today, there’s a change…

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Since the end of October 2021, subscribers to Nintendo’s service can now play Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 titles. The catalogs are already well provided, but the emulation left something to be desired on some titles. One of them being the iconic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the anger of the purists was quickly heard. Thus, the Japanese firm had to act!

The Nintendo 64 software included in the Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Pack has recently been updated to remove a number of imperfections. As a result, in Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, the surface is no longer opaque, but rather transparent, as in the original game. Also, the fog has been reintroduced with this recent update. The video below illustrates this notable change.

Other bugs have been fixed in Paper Mario as well, among others. Unfortunately, there are still a few aberrations in a handful of titles like Dr. Mario 64. Fortunately, Link’s most famous adventure is now perfectly playable.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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