Collect Treasure Using Drake’s Map – Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 12

Drake’s Map (Uncharted) is now available as an item in Fortnite. We explain how to find it and access the buried chests.

For the release of the movie Uncharted in French cinemas, Epic Games has teamed up with Sony to offer us a little collaboration in Fortnite. In addition to various skins, players have the right, since very recently, to a brand new special item: Drake’s Map.

This one isn’t just a nod to the Uncharted video game series, as these treasure maps unsurprisingly allow us to get our hands on a treasure, in this case, a legendary chest from Fortnite.

If you don’t know how to find it, or how to follow this Drake’s Map, we’ll explain everything.

Drake’s Map in Fortnite, How To Find It?

Be aware that this item is a legendary item and therefore particularly difficult to find, as it is one of the rarest. To get your hands on Drake’s map, you’ll simply have to search the chests or the loot on the ground, like any other item. You’ll have to be lucky to get this famous map.

Be aware that there is no place where Drake’s Map can be retrieved more easily, except in places where chests are more present.

How To Use Drake’s Map?

If you have finally found one of the treasure maps, the rest is relatively simple. Once you have the map, you just have to take it out and follow the highlighted directions. You will then notice a black cross on the ground. You can then equip yourself with your collection tool and dig in this place.

A legendary chest will then be available, open it to collect a (very) nice loot, if you are lucky.

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