Animal Crossing New Horizon: Here’s what you get with a 5-star island

A phenomenon of confinement in March 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizons has seen a resurgence among players with the release of its one and only Happy Home Paradise DLC, oh so eagerly awaited by the community.

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Many have decided to return to their island to try and help it achieve the ultimate glory: five stars. But what’s in it for them? One player found out the hard way.

Achieving a 5-star island is no easy feat. The ultimate accolade for players of Animal Crossing New Horizons, this score requires constant investment and long hours to build, flower and maintain your little piece of paradise, but also to please its eccentric residents. Players must constantly ask Mary to evaluate their island to see if they have achieved perfection, until she tells them the good news. In theory at least, because one player found out the hard way.

While walking on his island, the person came face to face with a flower like no other: lily of the valley. A special flower that only grows randomly once a day… on islands that have reached the rank of 5 stars. Players will be rewarded for their efforts with two unique items: the lily of the valley and a golden watering can, the strongest in its class that can water nine squares at a time.

Source: Reddit

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