PlayStation’s Game Pass rival is reportedly close to launching

Sony would be well and truly on the point of counter-attacking by launching in a few weeks its new subscription service. A way to counter the indestructible Xbox Game Pass, which is constantly expanding its offer.

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Last December, the first rumors about a certain Project Spartacus were on the horizon. Behind this code name is a new service concocted by Sony. It would be a sort of merger between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Today, while the Japanese manufacturer remains silent, new information is reaching us.

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, this famous service is finally getting closer to its launch date. Grubb says that Sony could be in the running (though not necessarily publicly) by the end of the month. Even better, Project Spartacus would offer three packages. One called “Essential” at $10/month, one “Extra” at $13/month and one “Premium” at $16/month. The principal adds that these prices may not be exact.

According to Grubb, the “Essential” plan will have the same benefits as the current PlayStation Plus (multiplayer, free games…). The “Extra” subscription would include a catalog of downloadable titles (between 250 and 300). Finally, the “Premium” package would include the possibility of streaming games (like the current PlayStation Now) and access to “classic” games and demos. All we have to do now is wait.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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