Nintendo: Acquires Japanese studio SRD

After having seen the buyouts multiply on the side of Sony and Microsoft these last months, it is now Nintendo’s turn to acquire a studio with which it has been collaborating for many years…

After the acquisition of Next Level Games – which is working on the next episode of Mario Striker – in January 2021, Big N has just announced the acquisition of SRD!

If you have never heard of this name before, you should know that SRD has been working exclusively with Nintendo for many years.

Founded in 1979 in Japan, this studio with 139 employees (as of April 2021) has accompanied the early days of the Japanese manufacturer. SRD (for Systems Research and Development) has worked on some of Nintendo’s biggest licenses, including Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong. More recently, the same company was in charge of the development of 1-2 Switch and Ring Fit Adventure.

Like the purchase of Next Level Games last year, it’s clear that Nintendo’s acquisitions are the result of a relationship of trust with its partners – purchases that are, admittedly, occasional, but no less strategic. Indeed, Nintendo has made it clear that the main purpose of acquiring SRD was to secure the relationship between the company and the studio, after almost 40 years of collaboration.

Finally, this acquisition of SRD by Nintendo will be officially recorded on April 1st. The Japanese manufacturer has paid no less than 50 million yen for this acquisition, which is the equivalent of about $ 440,000.

Source: Nintendo

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