Life is Strange developer plans to release six games by end of 2025

Since the success of Life is Strange in 2015, Dontnod is definitely on a roll. Multiplying projects, the French studio intends to continue its momentum by offering many titles within the next three years.

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Indeed, no less than six projects developed in-house are planned to land by the year 2025!

In June 2021, Dontnod announced the opening of a brand new studio in Canada. On this occasion, the studio already expressed its will to maintain its vision, focused on narrative games, while offering increasingly ambitious titles. Between the release of Life is Strange 2, Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why, the French teams had not been idle for the last three years. Nevertheless, they seem to want to continue their momentum since no less than six games, developed in-house, are planned to arrive by 2025.

If we don’t know the identity of all these titles yet, we do know that a mysterious “Project 8” is in development, in collaboration with the publisher Focus Entertainment, and that it would take the form of an Action-RPG. As a reminder, Dontnod and Focus Entertainment had already worked hand in hand in the development of Vampyr, which has just passed the 2 million sales mark. Finally, it should be noted that the team usually dedicated to Life is Strange, now in Montreal, is working on a project with a narrative focus.

Besides these six games, Dontnod is also partnering with other studios, bringing the total number of productions to eight. Indeed, the French studio will publish Gerda: A Flame in Winter as well as the upcoming first game of the Belgian studio Tolima.

Source: GamesRadar

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