Elden Ring is Now One of the Highest-Rated Games Ever Made

Elden Ring, eagerly awaited by millions of gamers, did not disappoint. FromSoftware’s title has performed remarkably well in terms of the scores collected from the specialized press.

© Bandai Namco / FromSoftware

As you can see in our review, Elden Ring is a real success. The game has a fascinating universe, an ever deeper gameplay and a simply stunning content. There is no lack of superlatives to qualify FromSoftware’s latest production. And the least we can say is that the Japanese studio has put everyone in agreement!

It’s quite simple, Elden Ring is now one of the highest-rated games in history. With a Metacritic average of 97% for its PS5 version (95% on PC and Xbox Series X|S), the worthy heir of Dark Souls enters the 18th place of the “best titles of all time“, according to the American site. On OpenCritic this time, Elden Ring is even on the podium of the best-rated games with its second-place obtained thanks to an average of 96%. Only Super Mario Odyssey does better.

With such a phenomenon, we can easily imagine that our dear Elden Ring will be widely acclaimed during the ceremonies to reward the games of the year. And it’s only February…

Source: OpenCritic / Metacritic

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