Dragon Age 4 Loses Executive Producer, Gets New Game Director

The stars seem to be aligning for a 2023 release of Dragon Age 4. Last week, the oh-so-talkative Jeff Grubb reported that development was progressing after years of muddling through.

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BioWare has just half-heartedly confirmed this in a long blog post.

Dragon Age 4 is on track. The BioWare teams indicate that they have completed the pre-production phase, which means laying the foundations of the game, the technical foundations, the creative vision and the concepts. A stage that ended last year, and the studio is now working to bring its vision to life (environments, characters, gameplay, writing, cinematics etc…).

Dragon Age 4 is now halfway through its development cycle, but its executive producer, Christian Dailey, is leaving the ship to move on to new horizons. This is the third person in this position to leave the studio in four years.

BioWare reminds us that the project is being overseen by industry veterans such as Mac Walters (production manager), who has 18 years of experience with the studio, Corrine Busche (game director), who has 15 years of experience, and Benoit Houle, who is in charge of development. The latter made his debut on Dragon Age Origins 16 years ago. The team will be meeting with fans later this year to learn more about the game through blog posts and social media content. The further along in development they get, the more regular they will be with their communication.

Source: Bioware

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