Horizon Forbidden West dev already working to resolve visual issues

Like many open-world games before it, Horizon Forbidden West is not spared from bugs. In the last few hours, many Internet users have spoken out on social networks and other forums with the aim of calling out Guerrilla Games.

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While our test of Horizon Forbidden West went off without a hitch, some owners of the game unfortunately can’t say the same. Since its release on February 18, the PlayStation exclusive seems to be giving some players a hard time. These players have been complaining about visual bugs that negatively impact the game experience.

On Reddit, users have listed the bugs encountered during their game. Within the performance mode, some note concerns about sharpness, saturation or the presence of artifacts that blur the image. OLED TVs seem to be particularly affected by brightness issues in outdoor environments. The management of HDR could be the cause of these inconveniences. The audio part is not spared either because of a perfectible mix and dialogues that do not always start.

Guerrilla Games has announced that it is working to solve these numerous bugs. A patch should be deployed soon. In the meantime, the studio is asking players to share their feedback to improve the quality of the game.

Source: Reddit

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