Fallout 76 is getting 4 new seasons of content this year

The multiplayer title developed by Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) will already celebrate its 4th anniversary at the end of the year. And since 2022 is only just beginning, the American studio has lifted the veil on the content that will be distilled in Fallout 76 over the coming months.

© Bethesda Softworks

While it may be less in the media spotlight now, Fallout 76 is still a pretty popular game. The FPS owes its popularity to its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass. Regardless, the BGS teams are motivated to provide seasonal content for their production. Here is the roadmap!

The visual below posted on social media is a great example of what’s coming in Fallout 76 in 2022. Public events, region bosses, new rewards, improvements to Fallout 1st, and other loot will keep us busy. The big event will be the arrival of the content planned for this fall, with The Pitt update teased last year at E3. Bethesda even promises “a new way to play Fallout 76”.

In short, the whole thing will be divided into four seasons, and the eighth one will start this spring (probably in March). We should also remind you that with the disappearance of the Bethesda.net launcher in May, PC players who used it will have to switch to the Steam version.

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