Street Fighter 6 confirmed via a new teaser trailer

Launched at the beginning of last week, Capcom’s mysterious countdown has now come to an end, definitively unveiling the next episode of the Street Fighter saga.

© Capcom

At the end of its event, the Capcom Pro Tour, the Japanese editor had kept one last trump card up its sleeve as a “one more thing“…

As the Street Fighter series celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and the fifth opus was released six years ago, Capcom has finally made Street Fighter 6 official. It is revealed in a first teaser that introduces us to the unstoppable Ryu, in his bearded version, as well as Luke, who is the last fighter to be added as DLC to the cast of Street Fighter V. The teaser is quite sparse in images and information, but the publisher invites us to learn more about this sixth episode of the famous fighting game saga this summer. Note that Yusuke Hashimoto, director of Bayonetta 2, is working on Street Fighter 6 as Game Designer.

As a reminder, Street Fighter V sold more than six million copies worldwide and the title was then a PlayStation 4 console exclusive. Concerning Street Fighter 6, no information has been given yet about a release date or the different platforms on which the title will land. So we’ll have to wait until next summer before we can see anything new…

Source: Capcom Twitter

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