Final Fantasy XIV Getting First Graphics Upgrade With Next Expansion

The path taken by Final Fantasy XIV these last eight years forces respect. After a catastrophic launch and an exemplary resurrection, the Square Enix MMO has seen its community grow over the years… And the future looks bright!

© Square Enix

With the launch of its Endwalker expansion last December, Final Fantasy XIV met unprecedented success. So much so that the game had been withdrawn from sale to counter the massive influx of players on the servers. A craze that will logically push Square Enix to support its golden goose over the next few years.

In the latest video in the Letter from the Producer series, the developers talked about future updates that will be rolled out in Final Fantasy XIV. One of the main topics of discussion was the 7.0 patch, which could be released at the same time as the next expansion. This patch is not insignificant since it will bring visual alterations to the game. The minimum system requirements on PC will only be significantly increased since the MMO should also run smoothly on PS4.

We can therefore expect slight changes to the appearance of the characters (HD textures for hair, skin, clothing …) or on the lighting, shadows as well as on the game environments in general and weather effects (such as fog). The changes are presented in the video below (from 1:55:00).

Source: WCCFTech

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