A second ‘Fire Emblem’ game may be released this year

The Fire Emblem saga is back in force this year. Indeed, if we are to believe recent rumors, Nintendo could announce another opus in the coming weeks. But we don’t know much about this mysterious title yet.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was unveiled during the Nintendo Direct on February 9. Developed by Intelligent Systems, this spin-off will plunge us into a Musō with hundreds of enemies present on the screen. Iconic characters from the saga will make their comeback in this new story that will take place on the continent of Fódlan.

But Fire Emblem may not stop there in 2022. If we are to believe the generally well-informed insider Emily Rodgers, another as-yet-unannounced game could be released this year. Development of this Fire Emblem is said to have begun over three years ago and is nearing completion. Intelligent Systems would have been supported by another studio on this project.

If we can imagine that it could be a sequel to Fire Emblem: Three Houses released in 2017, no other information has been communicated for now. Rodgers also said that the release date of this famous game could also slip to 2023.

Source: Video Games Chronicles

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