Capcom will announce Street Fighter 6 on Monday

Resident Evil or Street Fighter 6? Rumors are flying around the countdown launched by Capcom.

According to a reputable insider, it would finally be the next fighting game of the editor that will make an appearance this Monday morning.

© Capcom

There’s no stopping Jeff Grubb. The insider continues to distill information here and there around the video game industry. In addition to stating that Dragon Age 4 will be released in 18 months, the journalist claims to have information about Capcom’s mysterious countdown. Two possibilities were emerging around this teasing: news about Resident Evil, especially for the famous multiplayer mode RE: Verse or Resident Evil 4 Remake, or the appearance of Street Fighter VI. It would finally be the second option.

During his podcast, the insider announces with certainty that it will be the next installment of the fighting game that will be announced this Monday, February 21, without giving more details. We know, however, that the Capcom Cup has finally been canceled because of the pandemic in favor of a Season Finale that will end at the same time as the countdown. This will give an additional argument in favor of Street Fighter 6, especially since the license will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year.

Source: Jeff Grubb

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