Babylon’s Fall demo for PS5, PS4 launches February 25

It’s hard to make a place for yourself in a month so full of video game behemoths. However, Babylon’s Fall, expected on March 3rd, will try to confront the ogre Elden Ring to attract players in its nets.

© Square Enix

This is a challenge for the PlatinumGames team, which has not yet succeeded in creating a buzz around its next title. It’s up to its future free demo to prove us wrong.

Starting February 25th, PS4/PS5 players will be able to download the free demo of Babylon’s Fall on their console. A version that will let us discover the opening sequence of the game, says the press release, and will allow us to get a small idea of the gameplay of the title.

Note that this demo will also be playable up to four players in cooperation, and that the progress and achievements unlocked during this game session will be transferable to the final version of the game if you let yourself be seduced.

After NieR: Automata and Astral Chain, Babylon’s Fall is awaited by the fans of the Japanese studio. Nevertheless, the first images we could discover of the game leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The fault of an uninspired game-service aspect and an artistic direction that is not unanimous.

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