Star Citizen Will Limit Its Roadmap, As Players Are Getting Upset Over Delays

Cloud Imperium Games will limit the information on its public roadmap by displaying only the patch of the next quarter, and the reasons given by the company do not please many people.

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The latest roadmap shared by the huge team behind Star Citizen was accompanied by a note from them to the community. Until now, these roadmaps indicated features in development with an approximate release date, sometimes a year in advance, but absolutely not set in stone.

If we tend to welcome such transparency, weariness seems to have taken over for a major part of the community, which has expressed its discontent with a game that does not advance, despite the promises and extremely good financial health for the project. As a result, Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games are committed to only sharing details about projects coming in the next quarter, not in the next year. This is in the hope of appeasing the most passionate fans.

Even though Star Citizen is filled with content on a much more regular basis since the opening or the competition of new studios, the project remains in alpha, without any forecast for a beta version, and even less for a full release. Let’s also remember that a single-player spin-off called Squadron 42 is being developed in parallel, which doesn’t seem to be much more advanced on this point.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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