Ghostwire: Tokyo Release Date Leaks on Youtube

The leaks had multiplied in the last few days and PlayStation has taken the floor to confirm them. Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released in March.

© Tango Gameworks / Bethesda Softworks

The almost imminent launch of Ghostwire: Tokyo will have something special… Indeed, it will probably be the last game published by Bethesda Softworks to be released on a Sony console. The American publisher is now owned by Microsoft, but the exclusive contract for the title created by Tango Gameworks is still valid for the PS5.

The rumors that announced the arrival of Ghostwire: Tokyo on March 24th were only wrong by one day. So, the action/adventure-oriented FPS will finally land on March 25th 2022 on PS5 and PC.

PlayStation confirmed the news on YouTube. Moreover, the game will have a small presentation that will take place this Thursday, February 3 at 11 pm. You can follow the live stream via the video below.

Pre-orders will be launched at the same time and buyers will receive bonus content following their purchase. Since Ghostwire: Tokyo has shown itself too little since its initial announcement, we’ll probably appreciate having the opportunity to see some gameplay this week.

Source: PlayStation

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