Where To Find The Feathers In Fortnite For Haven’s Masks?

A new item has arrived on Fortnite with patch 19.20: feathers! But where are they and what are they for? We explain everything.

This Tuesday, February 1, 2022 was the deployment of patch 19.20 in Fortnite, bringing as always several new features in the game! The most important addition to this update is a brand new item: feathers.

But what are these feathers for and where can you find them? You will need this item to unlock the Haven’s Masks, which are part of the combat pass! To find them, nothing could be easier: just search chests on the island!

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Where to find feathers in Fortnite?

A brand new item has just been added to Fortnite: feathers. To find these feathers, simply search chests! This is the only way to get them.

What are these feathers for and how do you use them?

These feathers, which have just arrived on the island, can be spent in the “Haven’s Masks” section of the Battle Pass tab. They will be used to unlock all of Haven’s Masks, one of the skins in the Pass.

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But these feathers will not be enough to obtain them, since for each mask you will also have to complete a quest and be in possession of the Haven’s skin. The quests are all related to the mask they unlock:

  • Catch fish to unlock cat masks
  • Forage to unlock deer masks 
  • Glide to unlock owl masks

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