Where To Find Covert Cavern [Location] in Fortnite?

A brand new city has just been introduced in Fortnite, following the deployment of patch 19.20: Covert Cavern! But where is it exactly?

A brand new patch has just been deployed on Fortnite this Tuesday, February 1, 2022: the 19.20, the second important patch of the season 1 of Chapter 3. As always, there will be some changes in the game, which you will be able to discover once the servers are available again!

Among these changes, it will be possible to discover a brand new place: Covert Cavern! As its name suggests, it is a cave, and it is located in the west of the map. To find its location easily, you can use the map below.

Where is Covert Cavern in Fortnite?

To find Covert Cavern, you can simply go to a game, and use the map. The Covert Cavern area will be grayed out, since you haven’t discovered it yet! However, if you haven’t discovered the rest of the map yet, you’ll have several gray areas, and won’t be able to tell which one is Covert Cavern.

For that, you can use the map below, which shows its exact location:

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