Far Cry 6 free Rambo Crossover Mission is now available

Far Cry 6 continues its little roadmap and now welcomes its second free DLC, this time centered on the iconic Rambo

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After the first mission featuring Danny Trejo and the rogue-lite paid DLCs putting us in the shoes of Vaas and Pagan Min, it’s not the turn of the legendary character played by Sylvester Stallone, but of a superfan living in Yara to lead his war.

Entitled “All the blood“, this mission will allow Dani Rojas to meet one of the biggest fans of the iconic Rambo. The mission wouldn’t be a tribute to Rambo if Dani didn’t have a costume and punchlines reminiscent of this iconic character, as the trailer above highlights very well. Dani and his new movie buddy will team up to wage war against Yara’s occupying military forces.

This new free mission is part of Far Cry 6’s fourth major update, which includes its share of quality-of-life fixes and additions, including a clearer ATH that is less loaded with unnecessary information.

You can now go back to Yara to help Rambo’s superfan, accompanied by your adorable little dog Chorizo. The road is far from over for Far Cry 6, which will soon welcome its third and last paid DLC involving this time the villain of Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed. Another crossover mission, this time with Stranger Things, involving Chorizo, is also expected later this year.

Source: Ubisoft

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