Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch is Coming Soon

We had been without news about the mobile version of Apex Legends since it was announced in April 2021. The game came back to our attention this week, as it approaches its pre-launch, which will soon begin in several territories.

© Electronic Arts

Last year, more than 28 million new players joined the Apex Legends servers. Electronic Arts even pocketed more than a billion dollars from its battle royale alone in the last fiscal year. In short, all the lights are green before the deployment of the mobile version. This one will start its soft launch in a few days.

As such, users can pre-register on the Apex Legends Mobile page via Google Play right now. Unfortunately, only a handful of territories are affected by the pre-launch. For now, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand are the only countries that will benefit from this early release.

Players with iOS devices will also have to be patient. Remember that Apex Legends Mobile is a completely new game that will logically support touch controls. It will also have its own battle passes, cosmetic items and other unique items to unlock.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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