Battlefield 2042 Season One Delayed, More Details Revealed

This is bad news for Battlefield 2042 players. DICE has just confirmed that the first season of its FPS is finally postponed. The studio wants to focus on patches and other improvements for now.

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Battlefield 2042 still hasn’t recovered from its catastrophic launch last November. This difficult start has even forced the development teams to focus solely on fixing bugs in recent weeks. And we’ll have to be extremely patient before we see the first season rolled out.

In a statement published on social networks and via the official website of the game, DICE has made official the postponement of Season 1 until early summer. It should not arrive before June/July 2022. The studio wants to take its time to perfect Battlefield 2042 and work on the seasonal content. As for the three features that are the scoreboard, voice communication and player profile will land “as soon as possible”, according to DICE.

New tools will be integrated into the Portal, and team play will be improved with better rewards, a redesigned ping system and a clearer squad loop. Finally, an exclusive pack (skins, weapon, game sheet) will be offered to buyers of the Gold and Ultimate editions of Battlefield 2042 as compensation for the postponement of the season.

Source: Electronic Arts

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